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Read it! Viva! Mall


We just released the second version of our game Viva! Mall on friday. It’s a 3D facebook game created in our own FusionEngine and it’s published by Konami! I have been working on this for a few months after being taken off a cancelled project (was going to be published by EA).

Here is a link to the Viva! Mall app on facebook.

Screenshots: (The last one is an old screenshot, thats why the HUD looks different)

Read it! Source code!


I have had several people ask me for the source code to my mafia game. So I’ve decided to just post a link on the site so people can download it! Now please, the code is TERRIBLE. It is all pretty much in 1 .h and 1 .cpp. DO NOT DO THIS!! It was my first game and I was on a time limit to get things done, I also did not have the programming knowledge like I do now. So please understand that this is not the best project to learn from! :p

Well here is the link to download it: mafia game .zip

You will need the FMOD API in order to compile the source, I use FMOD for sounds.