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The past project I worked on was House M.D. Critical Cases for Facebook! It’s based off the tv show House M.D., check it out if you can! I also just got a new job working for Disney Playdom as a gameplay programmer 🙂 I started on March 12, 2012.

House M.D. Critical Cases

Read it! MineSweeper – ActionScript 3.0


Here at Method Solutions we are changing things up and starting to develop a few games using Flash. So I have to learn ActionScript 3.0 to get ready for development! One of the things I had to do was create the game MineSweeper in ActionScript 3.0 ( to give myself experience in working with the language ). So far ActionScript has been pretty easy to learn and I’m pretty excited about these future projects, one is a HUGE IP, they are going to be on facebook when they are complete.

Here is the source code for the MineSweeper game written in ActionScript 3.0, download FlashDevelop to open it, its free and open source and its awesome! Beware that some of the things I do are not optimized, such as using uints and events when I should be using ints and callback functions, I also remake the bitmap images for the tile when you click them. I may go back and fix this.


Read it! Viva! Mall


We just released the second version of our game Viva! Mall on friday. It’s a 3D facebook game created in our own FusionEngine and it’s published by Konami! I have been working on this for a few months after being taken off a cancelled project (was going to be published by EA).

Here is a link to the Viva! Mall app on facebook.

Screenshots: (The last one is an old screenshot, thats why the HUD looks different)

Read it! Source code!


I have had several people ask me for the source code to my mafia game. So I’ve decided to just post a link on the site so people can download it! Now please, the code is TERRIBLE. It is all pretty much in 1 .h and 1 .cpp. DO NOT DO THIS!! It was my first game and I was on a time limit to get things done, I also did not have the programming knowledge like I do now. So please understand that this is not the best project to learn from! :p

Well here is the link to download it: mafia game .zip

You will need the FMOD API in order to compile the source, I use FMOD for sounds.

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